Indian takeaway food and Party catering service in Mosbach:




“Colors of India” is  NOT  a restaurant, it’s a takeaway food and party catering service.

“Colors of India” has been founded to bring to you a wide variety of regional cuisines native to India. We specialise in traditional Indian cuisine from the length and breadth of the country, heavily influenced by religions, cultural choices and traditions.

Indian cuisine is still evolving, as a result of the nation’s cultural interactions with other societies. Some of our recipes date back to my great grandmother’s time passed down the generations, while others are recipes which we have created using our imagination.

Indian cuisine is characterized by the extensive use of numerous herbs, seeds, nuts and spices. These are the “heartbeat” of an Indian kitchen. The herbs and spices are used to flavor the food, making each dish distinct and wonderfully aromatic. Each one imparts a very unique flavor, but when used together with other spices, the combination and permutation of different ones magically change the individual characteristics. These seeds, herbs and spices are also used for maintaining body fitness, alertness and good health. They are also used to prevent diseases and also to preserve food. Used moderately in the right balance, Indian herbs and spices can turn an ordinary meal into an array of flavours on your palate. So, it is time to wake up those taste buds!


Our service


We are able to deliver services on all occasions including parties, weddings, birthdays and other cultural events. Every occasion we are involved in is a special occasion, and we know you need to get things right. Trust us to help make your day memorable for all the right reasons.

Please take a look at our take away menus and party catering menus. Our menus are versatile and can be tailored to suit individual taste as we strive to create the best experience for you. Please call to discuss any special dietary requirements. When you place an order with us, you can rely on us to provide great food and timely delivery.

You are most welcome to pick up the order directly from our kitchen. If not, please ask for a delivery service.

Free delivery within 5 kms for orders over €30,00

Free delivery within 15 kms for orders over €60,00 (otherwise a charge applies)


About me



DSC_0065My name is Aditi Gupta and I belong to the North of India. As a family, we are part of the business community of India. I have studied, worked and travelled across different parts of India. During my travels, my love for good food, made me explore different foods and recipes. Apart from that a lot of the recipes I use and food I cook, has been handed down the generations in our family. And after having perfected these recipes, I decided to bring to you the varied colors and flavors Indian cuisine has to offer.



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